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It’s pretty easy to take air quality for granted. Most likely, you have billions of unseen and unwanted visitors in your home. Dust mites. Mold. Mildew. Pollen. Pet dander. Skin Flakes. To name a few.

With rising utility costs, most homeowners go to great lengths to seal up every crack, crevice, leak and possible draft. Today’s tightened, well-insulated houses only worsen the problem of poor Indoor Air Quality. As the same stale, contaminated air is circulated and re-circulated, the pollutants are trapped inside. Since most Americans devote 90% of their time to indoor pursuits, that’s worrisome.

Why should I care about Indoor Air Quality?

We are a nation of computers, printers, copiers and video games. Both at home and at work, electronic devices generate heat, which leads to the emissions of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) from circuitry, adhesives and plastics. Everything from carpets, paint, furniture, cleaning products, pest control solutions, personal care products and your dog contribute to the mix of indoor pollutants.

Poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) isn’t just about being uncomfortable. It’s been directly linked to health problems such as headaches, eye irritation, nausea, fatigue and asthma. For significant improvements in the air you breathe, outdoor air ventilation is imperative. Controlling fresh air entering the home allows the introduction of air cleaners, dehumidifiers and UV treatment before passing air through the heating and air conditioning systems.

Electronic Air Filters

Electronic air filters combine with your HVAC system, filtering microbes and pollens from the air stream. Since less dust is circulating, you’ll benefit from a cleaner, healthier home. Proven to remove upwards of 80% of indoor virus-sized particles, electronic air filters are a smart, simple and affordable solution to IAQ.

UV Lights & Lamps

Consider a UV Treatment System. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) removes potentially harmful viruses, bacteria, yeast, mold and even cooking odors. Installed inside your HVAC duct systems, UV provides a line of defense against spreading airborne bacteria, reducing concentrations of airborne bio aerosols by 50% within 45 minutes. You’ll enjoy improved air throughout your entire home while improving the efficiency and lengthening the lifespan of your HVAC system.

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